Pet Wellness – Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

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Looking for a quality full-spectrum CBD tincture for a member of your fur family?  Well, then look no further.

Our full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD tinctures are the exact same quality and the exact same ingredients as our human tinctures, just in more convenient concentrations to make dosing your pets a snap.

Choose the 300mg concentration for dogs, cats and other mammals under 50 lbs.

Choose the 600 mg concentration for dogs, cats and other mammals 50 lbs. and over.

Our full-spectrum CBD hemp extract combines NY grown and processed hemp oil with healthy coconut oil-derived MCT (fractionated coconut oil)



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You’ve heard from many people the benefits of CBD oil for their illnesses and physical woes. Maybe you’ve wondered, “Can I give my dog CBD oil? How much CBD oil should I give my dog? Where can I buy CBD oil for pets?” If you have an excitable pet, you may have even wondered does CBD oil calm your dog down?

If you’ve asked these questions about your dog or cat, you’re not alone. A lot of pet owners want an easier, more natural solution for their pet’s health issues. However, there are some issues to consider. You want to make sure you’re getting the best CBD oil for pets on the market so that your pet is getting quality treatment.

Landcraft Wellness Pet Wellness CBD oil for pets benefits your four-legged friend in a range of different ways. These can include helping seizures, nerve pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, poor appetite and cardiac problems. But why should you use our hemp oil for pets? It comes down to metabolism.

THC can affect dogs at a much higher rate than it affects humans. This means that selecting a product that is carefully tested in laboratory conditions can make a big difference in making sure that your pet is getting the right dosage. With other products that are not laboratory tested, you could be getting anything, from a product with virtually no CBD oil or too much, which can create a situation where you’ll have to do an emergency vet visit to straighten everything out.

When you use Landcraft Wellness Pet Wellness CBD oil, you can rest assured that your pet is getting exactly what they need.

2 reviews for Pet Wellness – Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

  1. shannoneflynn (verified owner)

    We add this to our dog’s meals and it’s been such a help with his arthritis pain and anxiety. Fireworks are no match for regular use of this plus his prescribed medication; we’ve found that one absent the other isn’t enough but together they’re perfect! It’s not quite enough for thunderstorms, but he bounces back from those much more quickly now too. Thank you!

  2. Barb

    We first started buying this for our dog who has cancer & seeing such improvement in his quality of life, we started all our fur babies on this..& all are happy content & thriving!!! Even though just saying Thank you seems not enough.. Thank you for giving us so much extra time with our beloved Kodie & thank you from all our fur babies!!♥️

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