How To Buy High Quality CBD Oil

Know Your Source 7 Ways To Ensure Your CBD Oil is High Quality

In order for you to ensure that you are purchasing a quality CBD tincture or topical and are paying an appropriate price for the concentration of CBD you want, here are a few shopping guidelines:

1. Make sure the total concentration of CBD is clearly visible on the bottle in milligrams (mg).

Many companies try to hide how much CBD is actually in their tincture to make it more difficult for you to compare pricing.

Look for the TOTAL number of milligrams of CBD in the bottle. This can range anywhere from 150 mg up to 2400mg or more.

Otherwise, if the label only shows how many mg of CBD per dose, you will have to do some math to determine how much CBD you are actually purchasing (i.e. mg per dose x number of doses in bottle = total number of mg of CBD)

2. Make sure the label clearly says “full-spectrum hemp oil”.

If it does not, you may be purchasing CBD isolate, which is only cannabidiol, as it does not contain all the other beneficial compounds of the hemp plant.

Keep in mind prices for CBD isolate products are considerably less than those for full-spectrum hemp oil CBD products.

3. Make sure it’s federally legal.

Legal, hemp-derived CBD oil contains .3% or less THC. This concentration of THC will not get you high.

However, if you are subject to drug testing at work, even this small amount of THC may show up on a drug screen.

If that is a concern for you, you should look into purchasing our broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract (where the THC is removed) or CBD isolate (where you are just purchasing CBD and no other beneficial compounds).

4. Identify where the hemp was grown.

Most labels will specify the country of origin or state of origin if in the US. The highest-quality hemp will come from plants grown in the United States.

Avoid brands that do not specify exactly where the hemp was grown or only vaguely identify where the hemp was grown (such as “sourced within the US”).

5. Look for a Certificate of Analysis or COA.

A COA is a third-party independed lab test that proves multiple claims the company is making on the bottle you are purchasing.

A COA will prove the milligram concentration of CBD in the product, it will confirm what type of CBD oil you are purchasing – full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate, it will prove the THC concentration, and it will show the oil is free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.

A QR code link to the COA may be on the bottle label or box the product comes in or there may be a link on the company’s website. All reputable hemp extract companies will have a COA available for you to review.

6. Purchase your hemp extract from a reputable source.

The best places to purchase quality CBD hemp extract are: directly from the farmers that grow it, reputable retailers such as health food stores and natural beauty stores, and health care professionals.

Avoid purchasing hemp extract at gas stations, convenience stores or discount stores.

7. Beware of low prices.

Quality hemp extracts are not sold at fire-sale prices. For an excellent quality, full-spectrum organically grown hemp CBD extract, you should expect to pay around $25 per every 250 mg of CBD.

The cost will a bit more than that per 250 mg for lower concentrations and a bit lower than that per 250 mg for higher concentrations.

But overall, the average price is about $50 for a 500 mg bottle, $100 for a 1200 mg bottle, and $180 for a 2400 mg bottle.

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