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Welcome to New York!

Land Craft Wellness is based on our 50-acre farm deep in the heart of upstate New York farm country.  We’re located in a snug little valley just west of the Vermont state line.   It is from these hills, the Green Mountain uplands, that our high quality hemp is born, raised in our fields and processed nearby.  Our farm, Misty Bleu Farm, holds NY State License #366 for industrial hemp research.

Want to be assured that the hemp in your bottle of extract was grown well?  You can visit our farm during growing season and see for yourself.  We are the only licensed hemp farm in New York State to allow the public access to our demonstration field.

Our hemp never travels far from its’ home until it is ready to be shipped to you.  Our processor is nearby and all our products are manufactured, packed and shipped to you from our tiny town of Hebron, NY.

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