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Here’s Why Your Skin NEEDS Shea Butter This Winter

Posted on December 18th, 2020 to Education

It’s wintertime and the air is VERY dry (it is here on our farm in upstate NY, at least!). Harsh winter weather is especially hard on exposed skin. You can get dry patches, roughness and irritation galore. You might notice your elbows start to scale, your lips begin to chap and the back of your knuckles crack with dry skin. It’s rough out there, let us help! Here is why your skin NEEDS shea butter this winter.

Why is Shea Butter Good for my Skin?

Shea butter is an incredible natural ingredient that comes from tree nuts. It’s FULL of nutrients for your skin. The thick, moisturizing properties of natural shea butter help protect and moisturize while rich tree-nut oil will soak into your skin, offering a barrier layer that truly locks that moisture in.

What Should I Use Shea Butter For Exactly?

Shea butter offers a wealth of anti-inflammatory properties which can assist in the reduction of redness and irritation. It is often a popular ingredient for those suffering from psoriasis and eczema, since it helps reduce the dryness and soothe those inflamed areas. You can use shea butter to calm any angry red rashes that may crop up with dry skin irritation. You can smooth and heal rough skin patches that often show up on the elbows, hands and shoulders.

Is Shea Butter Good for Oily Skin?

Maybe not. The fatty acids and oils in shea butter may not be ideal for the face if you have oily skin. Shea butter will create a smooth layer of protection which, in turn, can make it hard to reduce shine or apply makeup later. If you absolutely want to use shea butter on your face, try applying it before bed so that it will not interfere with your makeup. With that said, shea butter is usually great for all skin types when used on the body or areas that are not prone to acne.

Okay, But How Does Shea Butter Work?

Shea butter works by enlisting its anti-aging properties that improve the softness and flexibility of your skin. The real benefit comes from shea butter’s ability to help your skin cope with lowered amounts of collagen and elastin due to aging. As we get older, losing the elasticity and moisture in our skin leads to wrinkles, skin abrasions and tearing. This can become an ESPECIALLY painful problem in the winter. Shea butter can help make up for that lack of elasticity & collagen while restoring a natural glow to your skin.

Here’s How Your Skin Will Benefit From Using Shea Butter this Winter

Make shea butter a key ingredient in your skin care routine this winter and experience the benefits for yourself! Note that lotions containing shea butter for skin moisturizing will often be a bit thicker than those that do not. Knowing this, if you are looking for a lighter body lotion that still moisturizes without an oily residue, try check out our CBD Lightweight Body Lotion. which is infused with shea butter and CBD.

Here at LandCraft Wellness, we are proud to use shea butter and empower it with other ingredients to form a powerful combination. Shea butter works even better when combined with other natural ingredients, like:

  • Hemp Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to lock in moisture and offer natural cleansing properties so it won’t clog pores
  • Aloe Vera to hydrate skin and absorb quickly
  • Hyaluronic Acid to attract and bind moisture to your skin
  • Sea Fennel Extract and Algae Extract to provide soothing relief to sensitive skin and supply peptides and vitamins to boost skin health

All of these ingredients paired with shea butter are used to create our CBD Lightweight Body Lotion. This incredible lotion is lightweight and ideal for protecting your skin from all elements. Try some today and let us know what you think! We’re always curious for customer feedback especially if it pertains to how we can improve your skin care routine!

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