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7 Benefits of Using Sweet Almond Oil for your Skin

Posted on December 18th, 2020 to Education

Many people ask “is almond oil good for your skin?” or “what does almond oil actually do for your skin?” – well, sweet almond oil has a lot of incredible benefits for your skin, hair AND nails. It is a powerful ingredient to help moisturize your skin without making it too oily. Sweet almond oil is also better for your skin than essential almond oil (which is bitter almond oil).

Here at LandCraft Wellness, we know how beneficial natural ingredients can be when they are paired correctly and used in the right way, which is why we developed this post that discusses several benefits of using almond oil in your skincare routine.

7 Benefits of Using Sweet Almond Oil for your Skin

There are so many advantages to utilizing sweet almond oil. It’s one of nature’s hidden secret ingredients! Here are seven of our favorite reasons to use sweet almond oil in your skin care routine.

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1. Locking in Moisture

When sweet almond oil is infused in hair or skin products it can amplify the ability of your skin to lock in moisture. Your skin needs this moisture to remain soft and healthy. Over time, skin loses elasticity and collagen that leads to wrinkles, age spots and sagging. Keeping your skin moisturized with sweet almond oil will help it age beautifully!

2. Naturally Cleansing

We often hear, “is almond oil good for the face?” Using sweet almond oil for face moisturizing can help keep the pores clear and the skin healthy, so, yes! It is great for your facial routine, too! The natural properties of almond oil may help remove the sebum our skin produces that often leads to acne. It can help remove dirt, unnecessary oils and impurities from our pores as well. Amazing!

3. Soothing Irritations

Did you know that you can use sweet almond oil as a natural soothing remedy for skin irritations? It is great at reducing topical inflammation and irritation. Best of all, you can lather up your skin without leaving an oily residue which can definitely get annoying.

4. May Reduce Scarring

One of the most incredible benefits of using sweet almond oil for your skin is its ability to reduce imperfections. Those natural moisturizing and soothing properties we discussed earlier can help your skin recover from and reduce scarring. Using sweet almond oil by itself or using a product infused with sweet almond oil are both great options for new mothers that are hoping to reduce stretchmarks or those who have undergone surgery.

5. Sweet Almond Oil Absorbs into the Skin Quickly

Sweet almond oil is very quick to absorb into the skin, making it great for all complexions and skin types. It is also a very light oil, so it will not leave your skin feeling greasy.

6. Strengthening Nails

Not only is sweet almond oil good for skin care, it is great for nails too. Brittle nails will crack and peel. Proteins in sweet almond oil can strengthen nails while the other ingredients help moisturize. Using sweet almond oil on your nails may also reduce irritation that can occur from biting nails or cuticles.

7. Smoothing Rough, Dry Skin Patches

As mentioned, swwt almond oil is an excellent moisturizer. So much so that using sweet almond oil for your skin can help with dry skin patches or rough areas. This oil is loaded with vitamin E which moisturizes effectively while it also contains zinc which can assist in soothing those areas.

Utilizing Sweet Almond Oil as an Ingredient for Skin Care

There are not many disadvantages of using almond oil (unless you are allergic, of course!) The benefits of almond oil for your face are seemingly endless. AND – when paired with other ingredients, sweet almond oil is even more powerful. Consider products that also contain:CBD Lightweight Body Lotion

  • Hemp seed oil to lock in moisture
  • Aloe vera to hydrate skin
  • Hyaluronic acid to attract and bind moisture to your skin
  • Sea fennel extract and algae extract to provide soothing relief to sensitive skin
  • Peptides for regeneration
  • Vitamins to boost skin health

All of these ingredients, including shea butter, are included in our Lightweight Body Lotion. If you are looking for a lightweight lotion infused with sweet almond oil that will moisturize and protect your skin, give our CBD Lightweight Body Lotion a shot! You won’t regret it. 🙂

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